How does it work?

The grant recipient and responsible for the implementation of the Program is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship (MRREEC) who has the support of the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Policy (MIDEPLAN).

The Triangular Cooperation Program Costa Rica - Spain runs through phases devoted to specific themes. Each phase opens the call for project proposals with potential technical cooperation. The requests are submitted to the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship through a special form or format. They must meet a number of requirements, among which is to clearly identify the persons in charge of the execution of the project in the beneficiary country and in Costa Rica.

Each proposal is analyzed by the program. Since it is a triangular cooperation program, Costa Rica figures as the supplier of technical knowledge and Spain as financial partner and technical partner. A third country (or group of countries) in development benefit from the cooperation. There is also a possibility for Costa Rican institutions to present projects and receive technical assistance from another country to which Costa Rica is also giving cooperation.

Officials of the Costa Rican institutions directly execute the projects and carry out the transfer of skills to the partner countries, facilitating the exchange of experiences and knowledge, positioning the value of Costa Rica as a partner for cooperation and contributing with the multidimensional development of other nations.

The program has the structure shown in the preceding figure which is composed as follows:

  • Bipartite Committee (CB)
  • The Bipartite Committee is defined in Art. 37 of the Regulations of Art. 11 of the National Planning Act No. 5525, No. 35056-PLAN-RE. It is composed by the National Technical Committee (Director of International Cooperation of the MRREEC and the Coordinator of International Cooperation of MIDEPLAN) and the Acting Coordinator of the Technical Cooperation Office (OTC) of AECID.

    It is the body responsible for making decisions at the highest level and approving projects. In addition, it analyzes and if necessary, approves proposals or substantial budget changes submitted through the ETB.

    Bipartite Technical Team (ETB)

    The ETB is composed by technical representatives of the institutions of the CB.

    - MRREEC as main executor and beneficiary of the subsidy.

    - MIDEPLAN, as a strategic partner and representative of the CB.

    - The OTC AECID represented in Costa Rica by the Project Manager.

    The functions of the ETB is to communicate through official channels the opening of the call for receipt of proposal, the preparation of the framework program documents, ensuring compliance with the overall operational plan, evaluate project proposals to present to the CB, and inform the representatives of the CB the program´s progress, and respond to the mechanisms and requirements established by Costa Rican law for fund management of triangular cooperation.

  • Program Coordinator (CP)
  • The CP is appointed by the Director of the DCI-MRREEC, and is responsible for: representing the ETB in the CB, approving payments and disbursements to FUNDEVI, ensuring good technical and administrative management of the Intervention. The CP also has the support of an assistant who is employed by the Program according to the terms of reference prepared by the ETB and performs the functions of assistance in its implementation.